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RECLAIM Y/OUR STORIES: Going Between the Lines
& Beyond the Pages of Y/OUR Schoolbooks

RECLAIM Y/OUR STORIES is an in-development interdisciplinary and multi-media critical literacy project created by Michele Gutierrez that challenges students to interrogate their schoolbooks by asking: Whose voices and perspectives are left out? How does this exclusion disenfranchise individuals and communities? How can storytelling bring about social change by challenging the dominant narrative, thereby making the "invisible, visible."




"11 24" (2011) is a short film about collecting cans and memories written and directed by Michele Gutierrez and inspired from her own experience collecting aluminum cans with her Filipino immigrant grandfather and using the money they earned to play their favorite numbers in the Lotto.


The short film premiered at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festial in 2011 and was created through the creative and financial support of the Armed With a Camera Fellowship of the Visual Communications-- a community organization that promotes intercultural understanding through the creation, presentation, preservation and support of media works by and about Asian Pacific Americans

"Broken Promises" (2003) is a short film directed by Michele Gutierrez and Christine Araquel that explores the struggle for justice and equity for Filipino Veterans of World War II--denied benefits promised to them by the U.S. Government at the end of WWII. The film also explores the role of the youth to continue the fight that their elders began.


Produced throug UCLA's Ethno-Communications program, the film has screened at several film fesitivals across the nation and has been used to support the Justice for Filipino Veterans campaign.


Michele's digital portfolio is an organized and intentional collection of artifacts that demonstrate proficiency in utilizing educational technology in the classroom. Along with examples of using word processing and presentation software, you will find lesson plans that incorporate technology, reviews of online resources that may be helpful in teaching English Language Arts in the secondary school setting, as well as other educational resources.

This fansite for the Border-Line Personalities Anthology serves as an online resource for teachers, students and lifelong learners interested in learning about and discussing the topics, themes and questions posed by the anthology.

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